Estate Planning

y02jex_b0o0-aaron-burdenMany people are procrastinators and afraid to face their own mortality. They often fail to properly plan for death, disability and retirement. Clients often tell me that if they knew estate planning was so easy, that they would have done it years ago. Estate planning is often neither complicated nor costly. However, failure to plan is very costly, complicated and stressful.

Nursing Homes

hospice-1750928_640New York State Skilled Nursing Home Costs. New York State Nursing Home Survey Results. Best Western New York Nursing Homes. Worst Western New York Nursing Homes. How to protect assets from nursing home costs. Living trust protect assets from nursing home. Can a nursing home take your assets? Can a nursing homes take your money? How can I protect my assets from nursing home care? If i go into a nursing home what happens to my money? Irrevocable trust for  nursing home. Long term nursing home Medicaid. How to protect parent's money from nursing home. Protecting elderly parents assets. Does a living trust protect assets from nursing home? Protecting assets from Medicaid with trust.